Why we use Juicebox and an introduction


We have already launched our project on the Juicebox DAO platform, but why did we choose this platform?
The main reasons we chose the Juicebox platform are as follows:

1.Decentralization: Juicebox is a decentralized fundraising platform, which means it bypasses existing legal restrictions. As we know, ERC20 tokens have been defined as bonds by the SEC. A decentralized fundraising platform ensures our autonomy and the convenience of subsequent promotion. It also minimizes interference from centralized authorities on our project and aligns with the core concept of our Crypto Republic project, which is a decentralized political and economic entity.


2.Transparency: The design of the Juicebox platform ensures a high level of transparency for the project. All participants can view information about the project's fundraising, token allocation, voting, and governance. This helps to build trust among participants.


3.Fundraising methods: Juicebox supports various fundraising methods, such as Continuous Token Offerings (CTOs). This provides flexible fundraising options for our Crypto Republic project, contributing to its continuous development. It is more convenient and transparent compared to the traditional ERC20 token issuance (ICO) that requires a one-time fundraising event and relies on pump and dump schemes for raising funds.

The differences between Continuous Token Offerings (CTOs) and regular ERC20 token issuance are as follows:

•Issuance method: CTO is a continuous token issuance method that raises funds by constantly offering tokens to the market. In contrast, regular ERC20 tokens typically raise funds through a one-time token issuance event (such as an ICO or IEO). CTOs allow project owners to continuously raise funds throughout the project's lifecycle, rather than just at the beginning.


4.DAO Creation Support: The Juicebox platform supports the creation of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs), which is beneficial for achieving the goals of our Crypto Republic project. Through DAOs, we can implement decentralized governance of the project, allowing project participants to take part in the decision-making process.


1.We have launched a DAO project on the Juicebox DAO platform. All donations to this project will be  used to run the first-ever Crypto Republic in history.


2.We will stipulate that after a certain period (e.g., three years), a team holding 51% of the total issued tokens will have the right to govern. During their governance, the governing team's tokens must be locked up. This will encourage the formation of responsible manage teams and create artificial deflationary conditions for the project in terms of token economics.


3.We will design a tiered system of citizen rights based on participants' token holdings and ranking by the number of tokens held. Citizens with higher participation rights will be eligible to enter the Senate as senators, while those with fewer participation rights will be eligible to become members of the House of Representatives. Other retail investors will be elected to the House of Representatives to ensure broad political collaboration. This tiered model of citizen participation allocates different political participation rights to citizens based on their token holdings and rankings, ensuring that citizens with different holdings have the opportunity to participate in the project's governance.


4.Once the Senate and House of Representatives are established, they will work with the governing core to decide which assets to purchase in the real world. Profits generated by the purchased assets will be distributed to token holders based on their token holdings. The Senate and House of Representatives will also influence the Crypto Republic through policy-making, decision-making, and supervision, with specific functions to be confirmed when the constitution is established.


5.The potential impact and value of the project: The Crypto Republic may become a political movement or revolution, creating history. This project will drive the trend of creating decentralized political and economic entities and encourage more similar projects to follow. Investors' capital may create historic changes and promote the development of global governance models. Redefining power and control: Traditionally, the distribution and control of power in nations and corporations are primarily based on geography and organizational structure. The Crypto Republic project disrupts this power distribution through decentralized governance and token economics.


6.Our definition of Web4.0:
Advancing towards the real-world political and economic infrastructure.
This nation will reward our DAO token holders with real-world assets acquired through decision-making, forming a closed-loop system. The Crypto Republic can influence the real world economically by purchasing assets such as stocks, real estate, and listed companies, and politically through widespread collaboration on the Internet, such as referendums, constitution-making, and elections. The Crypto Republic project aims to break the boundaries between traditional nations and corporations by integrating political, economic, and technological forces to build a new global governance entity.
Promoting global governance innovation: The Crypto Republic project brings new perspectives and possibilities to modern global governance models through decentralization, democratic participation, and innovative asset distribution.
Promoting economic democratization: Through token economics incentives and fair asset distribution, the Crypto Republic project is expected to promote the democratization of the economy, reduce the wealth gap, and decrease the concentration of power.

Declaration of Freedom Beyond Sovereignty

To all the free people of the world, united together:

         Throughout history, traditional sovereign states have organized our lives and determined our identities, but they have also limited our freedom, restraining the destiny of humanity. As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, the limitations and constraints of traditional sovereignty have become apparent. Thus, the time has come to transcend this organizational form and enter a new era. The venerable pages of history have been cast wide open, by the tempestuous winds awaiting the inscription of a new chapter. Therefore, united as free citizens, initiate the "Declaration of Freedom Beyond Sovereignty" . Our objective is to shatter the monopoly of traditional sovereignty over human life and establish a Republic of liberty that transcends the confines of borders and traditional sovereignty. We Firmly convinced that the boundaries of humans ideology and political identity should no longer be confined within narrow national borders.but should have broader space for development, breaking free from limitations and unleashing the infinite potential of humanity. embarking on a journey toward a visionary future.Hence, with resolute determination, we declare the inception of the Universal Common Prosperity Republic (U.C.P.R) - a global political and economic entity that knows no territorial boundaries. comprising individuals who yearn for freedom, equality, and prosperity. The foundation of this groundbreaking nation lies in the revolutionary application of blockchain technology and the concept of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO). Through these pioneering principles can ensures that the the voice will be heard,rights of citizens are respected and their interests protected. By incorporating Real-World Assets (RWA) into our political and economic ecosystem through blockchain technology, we create true wealth distribution opportunities for all citizens. In the realm of U.C.P.R., we are not assigned nationalities but bestowed with the freedom to co-create our own nation. We no longer immerse ourselves in the confines of traditional national borders but Unfettered from them, rally for the common prosperity of humanity. Every free individual, sharing the same vision, are welcome attain a citizenship and partake in political and economic decisions, collaboratively shaping the future of the UCPR and humanity. In the U.C.P.R.our citizens possess unrestricted economic freedom knows no bounds. We cast away the chains of imposed fiat policies made by conventional sovereign powers. breaking free from the grip of imposed currency policies,to embrace the autonomy economical selection. Within principle of private property is inviolable.receive genuine protection, no longer subject from the dominion of traditional sovereignty. With unwavering belief that the U.C.P.R. will become a global alliance and unity for common prosperity. Our mission is to establish a nation that champions freedom, ,participatory governance and prosperity, allowing every citizen, regardless of wealth or social standing, to liberate their rights to shape their lifestyles. The U.C.P.R. embarks on a new era, coexisting and competing alongside traditional sovereignty in the long run. We parallel the existence of traditional sovereign powers and, through competition, drawing greater support and participation. We believe that over time, the tenets and ideology of the U.C.P.R. will spread globally, enhancing our strength. augmenting our influence.the collective endeavors of free-spirited individuals across the global will become the source of our power. Therefore, standing atop the tide of change, leading the revolutionary march towards freedom beyond sovereignty, we solemnly announce the birth of the Universal Common Prosperity Republic (U.C.P.R).We call upon every free soul to join our ranks, becoming witnesses and practitioners of this unparalleled journey, forging a new possibilities for the evolution of human society. Together, let us swing open the gate to a new era, unveiling the dawn of a new world. Let us remember the pioneers who fought for freedom, as their legacy courses through our veins,let history bear witness to the courage and wisdom of our generation! Together, let us forge a brighter and freer future!

signers :


Lv San      Zi      Jefferson    Smith    Garuda    Aristotle   MoZi    Zhang Lu  Yang Ming     Jian Zhen      Mavro


1.The holders of Crypto Republic DAO tokens are our responsible citizens.


2.The top 100 DAO token holders, who hold a large amount of tokens, will qualify to enter the Senate directly.


3.The DAO token holders ranked 101 and beyond, who hold a relatively higher amount of tokens, will qualify to enter the House of Representatives directly.


4.Ordinary DAO token holders, who hold a relatively lower amount of tokens, will be elected as representatives to enter the House of Representatives.


5.The Senate will be composed of people who hold a large amount of DAO tokens, and they have the right to be recommended to enter the core of governance. The specific functions will be established at the constitutional convention.


6.The current core of governance is composed of the early project creation team.


7.The House of Representatives will be composed of people who hold a relatively higher amount of tokens, and the House members will enter the core of governance under the recommendation of the core members. The specific functions will be established at the constitutional convention.


8.The two houses of Congress and the core of governance will make decisions together, such as purchasing assets in reality.


9.The revenue generated by the assets will be distributed according to the amount of DAO tokens held.

Our objective is to establish the first Crypto Republic





Q: What is the Crypto Republic project? 
A: The Crypto Republic project, also known as U.C.P.R (Universal Common Prosperity Republic), aims to create a supranational political-economic complex as a new way of organizing human society beyond existing traditional sovereign states.


Q: Why choose this name? 
A: The choice of this name has profound implications. "Universal" represents the scalable structure of the complex; "Common Prosperity" represents our ultimate goal, and "Republic" indicates the form of government and system.


Q: What is the difference between U.C.P.R and the economic identity of being employed by a company? 
A: Unlike the economic identity of being employed by a company, U.C.P.R's diverse identity will not be subject to the jurisdiction of the host country in terms of lifestyle, economy, and taxation, and will be maximally detached from the tax and economic system of the country of residence.


Q: How to achieve democratic project governance?
A: To achieve democratic project governance, a citizen rights system will be designed, and a Senate and House of Representatives will be established to jointly decide on the purchase of real-world assets.


Q: Why do team members remain anonymous? 
A: To protect the safety of team members, other members will remain anonymous for the time being, except for the project initiator. In the future, if needed or if the public needs to know their true identity, they can be identified through the project initiator's social media.


Q: What is the potential impact of the Crypto Republic project? 
A: The Crypto Republic project will lead the trend of decentralized political-economic entities and promote the development of global governance models. The success of the project will reshape power and control, create historic changes, and drive the emergence of more followers of similar projects.


Q: How is the hierarchical citizen rights system designed in the Crypto Republic project? 
A: In the Crypto Republic project, we have drawn on the ancient Roman system to design a hierarchical citi citizen rights system. The core idea of this system is to divide citizens into different levels based on the number of tokens held and grant corresponding rights and participation levels. We have proposed the concepts of the Senate and the House of Representatives, which will play an important role in the later development of the project. In the early stage of the project, we will not stipulate specific quotas and powers of the Senate and House of Representatives but will provide this concept to community members. As the project develops, we will adjust the specific scale and composition of the Senate and House of Representatives and their powers based on the actual needs of the project and the wishes of the community members. This hierarchical citizen rights system helps to ensure democratic governance, resource allocation, risk control, and community participation in the project, laying the foundation for the project's long-term development and prosperity. At the same time, it can enhance the project's cohesion and vitality, attracting more people to join and support the Crypto Republic project.


Q: How will citizen right be defined in the Crypto Republic project? 
A: In the Crypto Republic project, our team believes that independent individuals who have participated in the DAO fundraising and hold a certain number of tokens will become responsible citizens, owning a part of this nation. Citizen rights will serve as the basic requirement for independent individuals or institutions to participate in U.C.P.R political activities, including the following aspects: Political and legal rights: These include the right to vote, the right to be elected, and the right to sue. Citizens can participate in elections, elect the candidates they think are most suitable for the respective positions, and also run for positions themselves. Economic rights: Citizens will enjoy social benefits related to the project, such as profit distribution and resource allocation generated in the project's development. Personal asset legal protection: Citizens' personal assets within
U.C.P.R will be legally protected, ensuring that their rights are not violated. We will clearly elaborate on the details of these principles at future constitutional conventions. What can be confirmed now is that we hope to form a Roman-style responsible citizen society in the Crypto Republic project, where citizens actively participate in political activities and jointly promote the development and prosperity of the project.


Q: How to prosper together with existing crypto enterprises?
A: We will launch 《the Common Prosperity Bill of Crypto Enterprise 》or at least a friendly principled document in the near future. Through this bill or document, we will acknowledge their legality and legally or in principle protect the security of digital assets for all participants involved in our digital currency economy, providing clear property rights definition and the legality of their other digital assets.



U.C.P.R first core member



Wen Zhong

Jiang Wenhuan





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Token Economic Model

1. Token Issuance and Distribution: In the UCPR's token economic model, participants can join the project by investing in or donating Ethereum or other supported digital assets. For every Ethereum invested, 1 million UCPR tokens (UCPRD) will be minted. Of these, 51% automatically go to the project side, as the governing core, while participants receive 49% of the tokens. This token issuance and distribution mechanism ensures that participants are motivated to support the project while allowing the governing core to share in the results of the project’s development. (This means that 51% of the tokens will not enter the market but will be held and locked by successive governing cores to demonstrate long-term responsibility for the project and provide some legitimacy to governance.)


2. Deflation Rate Setting: UCPR allows the governing core to set a deflation rate, a parameter that adjusts the token minting ratio. By setting the deflation rate, the minting ratio can be gradually reduced, thereby controlling the speed of token issuance. This design helps maintain the scarcity of tokens, avoiding inflation and over-issuance, and increasing the value of the tokens.


3.Token Holding by the Governing Core: To maintain control of the project and its ongoing development, the governing core needs to hold 51% of the tokens. This means that the governing core must hold more than half of the tokens and lock them during their tenure to demonstrate commitment and responsibility to the project. Only at the end of their term can they release these tokens to the market.


4.Expanding Influence: The UCPR's token economic model has designed a mechanism that encourages the governing core to expand its influence. As the project develops and the number of participants increases, the token issuance will increase with each new investment or donation. 30% of the tokens belong to the governing core, meaning they will receive more tokens from minting, thereby expanding their influence and resources to support the success and development of the project.


5.Unique Token Supply Mechanism: Unlike traditional ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings), UCPR has adopted a unique token supply mechanism. The supply of UCPR tokens is determined by the donation behavior of participants. Whenever someone donates Ethereum, a certain number of UCPRD are generated, and no UCPRD are produced without donation. This mechanism ensures that token supply matches real demand, avoiding token over-issuance or oversupply, thus maintaining the stability of the token economy.


The token economic model assigns multiple meanings to token holders:

1. Dividends Based on Quantity: Token holders will become beneficiaries entitled to dividends, sharing in the project’s profits and results based on the number of tokens held.

2. Proof of Political Participation: Those holding tokens can participate in the governance and decision-making of the project, directly influencing its development and direction.


3. Token Appreciation: The scarcity of tokens and the design of the economic model help increase the value of the tokens, offering short-term investment returns to holders.

4. First Super-Sovereign Republic: As the first super-sovereign republic, UCPR tokens will have historical significance and become digital assets of significant historical value.

5. Future Legal Tender of UCPR: As the project develops and its influence expands, UCPR tokens are expected to become the future legal tender, with extensive usage and transactional functionality.


6. Supporting the Super-Sovereign Republic Concept: Purchasing tokens is a support for the concept of a super-sovereign republic, participating in the innovative experiment of future state formation.

7. Establishing a Global Community: Token holders will become members of a global community, jointly committed to the concept of transcending traditional nations and the goal of shared prosperity.

In summary, purchasing our tokens is not only an investment act but also recognition and support for a project with a positive vision and ambitious goals. At the same time, token holders will have the opportunity to participate in an open, innovative, and shared community, jointly building a new political and economic system.


Detailed Explanation of the Token Economic Model

     In our token economic model, we have adopted a natural strategy, that is, not to obtain operational funds for the project by selling UCPR tokens (UCPRD). This decision does not require our deliberate insistence, as we have already obtained sufficient funds to support the operation of the project through donated Ethereum.

   Selling tokens could pose obstacles to our future governance. If we sell newly minted UCPR tokens, it means that if we want to continue governing in the future, we will need to repurchase these tokens to make up 51% of the total token holding. Doing so will increase the circulation of tokens in the market, potentially affecting the price stability of the tokens, and increasing the cost and risk for the governing core to repurchase tokens.


The mechanism of each governing core holding 51% of the tokens and locking them up brings a natural necessity to the entire project. This provision means that each governing core is not just a temporary manage but a continual developer and responsible party for the project.

Because the governing core must hold 51% of the tokens and lock them up, they naturally realize that only the success and long-term development of the project can ensure that the tokens in their hands gain higher value when they leave office. Therefore, for their own interests and the interests of the project, each governing core will strive to expand UCPR's influence and increase its value.

This responsible governing core mechanism forms a virtuous cycle. As the governing core continuously strives to expand the project's influence, the project will attract more participants and investors, leading to increased demand for tokens and consequently driving up the value of UCPRD.

    Holding and locking up 51% of the tokens will also become an endorsement of trust, representing the commitment and responsibility of the governing core to the project. This will enhance the confidence of token holders in the governing core, encouraging them to participate more actively in and support the development of the project. They will do their utmost to ensure the success of the project, benefiting every token holder.

This mechanism not only enhances the responsibility of the governing core but also strengthens the confidence of token holders in the governing core. Because they know that each governing core has the motivation and obligation to think about the long-term interests of the project, rather than just short-term benefits. This long-term thinking and responsible attitude will lay a solid foundation for the stable development and success of the entire project.

In conclusion, because of the mechanism of locking up 51% of the tokens, each governing core naturally needs to enhance UCPR's influence for their own interests and for the long-term prosperity of the project. This natural mechanism will promote the sustainable development of the project, bringing more opportunities and benefits to every participant.



Here is the translation of the provided text into English:

1. Universal

   "Universal" plays a crucial role in our project. We are shaping a new societal structure where labels based on geography, class, ethnicity, and religion are secondary. Our philosophy encourages global participation and inclusiveness. "Universal" is a core element in constructing our system that transcends sovereignty and encompasses global governance.

   In today's world, increasingly characterized by populism, tension, and division, our "universal" concept offers a pathway to bridge divides and connect global citizens. Relationships between citizens are based on shared values and common goals, rather than geographical or historical happenstance. We aim to build a global, open platform where global citizens are united for collective collaboration and value sharing...

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projejct develop time line

Keep going! Below is important content. Please read it thoroughly to gain a comprehensive understanding of the project.


1.Social Media Promotion

      This illustration succinctly and clearly depicts the first phase of the "Universal Common Prosperity Republic (UCPR)" project: social media promotion. The image shows various people using different devices (such as smartphones, tablets, computers) to engage with UCPR's social media content. The content includes the UCPR logo, information, and vision being shared, liked, and commented on various social media platforms. The focus of the scene is on the global reach and community interaction through social media, highlighting the importance of digital communication in promoting the UCPR ideology.


2.Building and Developing DAO

       This illustration vividly depicts the second phase of the "Universal Common Prosperity Republic (UCPR)" project: the creation and development of a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). The image portrays an active and interactive virtual environment where people from various backgrounds are actively participating in the DAO. This scene demonstrates the concept of a decentralized network, with people using computers and digital devices to engage in governance, policy-making, and community decision-making. The focus of the illustration is on the collaborative and participatory nature of the DAO, highlighting the application of blockchain technology in the UCPR project to achieve transparency, accountability, and democratic


3.Marketing and Advertising

  This illustration vividly captures the essence of the third phase of the "Universal Common Prosperity Republic (UCPR)" project: gaining influence through financial power in marketing and advertising. The image shows an explosive growth of diverse advertising and marketing activities, including significant funds being poured into various marketing channels such as large-scale social media promotions, influencer collaborations, television commercials, outdoor billboards, sponsored events, and guerrilla marketing strategies. The UCPR brand and message dominate the urban landscape, cyberspace, and media channels, representing a powerful and comprehensive marketing wave sweeping across the globe, drawing the attention of audiences worldwide.


4.Celebrity Effec


This image vividly and exaggeratedly showcases globally renowned celebrities not just promoting but actively joining an innovative digital nation project. They are depicted as engaged members, seamlessly integrated into a digital world landscape filled with futuristic technology. This world brims with advanced tech and interconnected activities, highlighting the celebrities' enthusiastic participation and their commitment to being part of this global digital community.








5.Formalizing Organizational Structure

      This image vividly portrays the fifth phase of an innovative digital nation project, showcasing the formation of formal organizational structures like a Senate or House of Representatives. The picture presents a futuristic digital parliamentary hall, filled with members from diverse backgrounds actively engaged in the democratic process and decision-making. This digital parliament symbolizes the maturity and formal governance of the digital nation, highlighting the effective and inclusive participation of its global citizens.

        This illustration depicts the Universal Common Prosperity Republic (UCPR) as a new form of human organization on an epic scale, showcasing its tremendous influence and power through the acquisition of a wide range of real-world assets. Set against a vast futuristic landscape, it presents a massive, interconnected network of cities and regions, all under the banner of UCPR. Magnificent buildings, advanced technologies, and diverse groups of people are actively involved in sectors like technology, agriculture, and commerce. Above this landscape, a gigantic, glowing symbol of UCPR dominates the sky, signifying the dawn of a new era in human civilization. The entire scene is imbued with grandeur and awe, representing a significant leap in human organization and social development.


7.The future of UCPR

        This image, titled "The Dawn of a New Era in UCPR," depicts the beginning of a new chapter in human history, with the UCPR marking a transformative shift. The image conveys a sense of grandeur and epochal change, showing a world where global populations embrace the UCPR, heralding the start of a new era. The scene is majestic and awe-inspiring, depicting a digital world that integrates diverse cultures and civilizations, symbolizing the profound impact of UCPR on the future of humanity. This illustration conveys the feeling of stepping into an era of unprecedented global unity and digital revolution.


6.Purchase real world assets

Crypto-Super-Sovereign Politico-Economic Complex: Theory and Practice

Abstract: This article delves into the theory and practice of the Crypto-Super-Sovereign Politico-Economic Complex. This complex embodies a novel state form, founded upon the tenets of decentralization and libertarianism, constituted by individuals yearning for the autonomy to freely choose their politico-economic identities. Through the explication of its necessity and rationality, fundamental structure, formation, and its medium U.C.P.R., this article elucidates the theory and praxis of the complex.

Keywords: Crypto-Super-Sovereign Politico-Economic Complex, Libertarianism, Decentralization, DAO, CTO


Section I: Introduction

With the advent of the digital age, the Crypto-Super-Sovereign Politico-Economic Complex emerges as a riveting new form of statehood, capturing the attention of visionaries and scholars alike. Traditional sovereign states, albeit instrumental in safeguarding national security and fostering economic progression, are also beleaguered by several quandaries such as governmental overreach in market economies and the curtailment of civil liberties. In stark contrast, the Crypto-Super-Sovereign Politico-Economic Complex extols individual freedom, championing decentralization and libertarian ideologies with the aspiration to cultivate a world that is more liberated, equitable, and inclusive. This treatise is devoted to an in-depth exploration of the theory and implementation of the Crypto-Super-Sovereign Politico-Economic Complex, offering readers a comprehensive and profound understanding...


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